3 Easy Hobbies to Learn Quickly at Home

Psychologists quoted that being involved in something new regularly makes us stress free, relaxed and even releases endorphin, which makes life more beautiful.

Hobbies are something which may or may not make you earn money but earn some great time in life, which will increase the value of your life.

I will help you out with some easy and funny hobbies you can easily take up in your weekends or even in daily life which will free your mind and help you get rich (in terms of life). Here you go:

  1.  Caligraphy :


Calligraphy is exceptionally relaxing, enjoyable and a remunerating action. Many individuals use this as a productive pastime and Calligraphy is a perfect approach to draw out the elegant and innovative side of you. It’s the most simpler thing to learn at home with few small tools you are ready to draw your writing.

Age Group: 9 to 100

Cost estimation: Starts from 200 rupees. You can purchase it from here.

Time required to learn the skill: 30 mins daily for 8 days

Sources(s) to learn:  Calligraphy for Beginners & many videos are available.

2.  The pocket friendly Harmonica:


Name the music and your harmonica plays it, the harmonica (also called the “Blues Harp”) is an awesome and fastest instrument to learn for people from any part of the world. You don’t have to know a great deal keeping in mind the end goal to begin playing and it has a major preferred standpoint that any note will be “in key” — it’s difficult to sound awful on harmonica!

In addition, harmonicas are extremely convenient — you can convey and hone it anyplace and at whatever time.

Age Group: 6 to 100

Cost estimation: Starts from 200 rupees. Purchase here.

Time required to learn the skill: You can start playing basic tunes in a three days, to   master will take a half hour practice daily for a year.

Sources(s) to learn:  Harmonica for beginners  & many videos are available.

3. Gardening


Gardening gives you an opportunity to take your mind off daily tasks and problems and concentrate on another task entirely. Thus, it serves as some sort of replacement therapy. It forces you to relax because your mind is no longer dwelling on the pressing problems and issues that were bothering you before.

Age Group: 5 to 100

Estimated cost: Starts from 100 rupees

Time required: Time to learn can be just 3 working days, but results starting to yield in a month or so.

Source(s) to learn: Gardening – abc

I have met people working for 14 – 16 hours and still being happy, and the reason is they practice and enjoy something new daily or weekly which makes their life much simpler than people sticking to their old limits.

I never had anything to do till I was 23. But I realized if you want to grow you need to learn. If you are practicing and learning new things, you are living a hopeful life adding colors to it.

People of all age group doesn’t matter men, woman, kids, retired personal, housewife, students, anyone can learn new things to bloom their life.



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